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Randy Glazer

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build your dream homeReady to build your dream home? Instead of searching for it, maybe it’s time toby some land and design your own custom house? Let’s look through the steps on doing just that.

Steps To Build Your Dream Home

Buying Land

There are two ways to essentially do this. First you can buy an existing home and tear it down if it is in the perfect location for you. Or, you can buy a plot of vacant land, which is getting harder and harder to find. So, the first step, after you find land, is to make sure that the condition of the soil is ok. This means making sure the soil has no contaminants that would make it harmful for you to live there. Second step is to make sure it is zoned for residential buildings. A real estate agent can help with this. The next thing to review is if the land has utilities hooked up. If it is undeveloped or vacant then there will most likely be a need to have electric, gas and plumbing wiring installed. This can be pricey if there is nothing there. A sewer hookup especially could cost a lot if construction needs to go into the city streets because that would call for a permit which in turn costs money!! Everything does!!

If you did decide to buy land with a house on it then you will have to demolish the existing structure. You can do it either of two ways. A mechanical demolition with excavators and heavy machinery will take a house down the fastest but cost more, while a smaller-scale demolition by hand will be cheaper but require more time.

This is when Glazer Design & Construction comes into play. When you use a contractor, they will be able to help guide you through the process of demolition. They might even be able to salvage some of the framework to use towards your new home!

How much do you think it costs to buy land? Generally, it depends on the size of the property, where you live and if there’s a house on it or not. If the owner knows it’s a tear down, they are more likely to lower the asking price. The average house demolition costs $18,000, according to HomeAdvisor, but it depends on the size and location of the property as well as the experience level of the contractor.

Building Your Custom Home

Here are a few steps to turning your dream home into a reality!!

  • Hire a team of professionals, makes all the difference in the world when you can count on people every step of the way.
  • Design your home! You will have to hire an architect for this. Prices can range for this.
  • Get your permits, the necessary requirements to start construction
  • Be flexible! Things are never perfect and you have to allow time for bad weather, inspections, permitting and just lack of adequate labor
  • Expect to pay $125-$400 a square foot for new construction.

Hope this helps! This will be quite daunting but with perseverance, patience and quality help, you will purchase land and build your custom home with ease!! Good luck!!

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