Adding a Fence to Your Home

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Randy Glazer

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As the weather warms up, people are gearing up for outdoor projects. Long ago forgotten landscape is sure to be on your list of things to do, and for some Atlanta homeowners, this may include repairing or adding a fence to your home.

Putting up a fence seems simple enough, but there are some things to consider before doing so.

Tips to Adding a Fence

  1. The reason behind why you’re adding a fence to your home
    If you have dogs and are simply wanting to contain them, chain link will do. But for privacy, aesthetics or to block sound, you’ll need to explore other options.
  2. Materials
    Many people opt for wood fences, but keep future maintenance requirements – staining, replacing split planks, painting – in mind. Other material options include vinyl, wrought iron, steel, bamboo and aluminum.
  3. Codes
    Speak with neighbors and code offices before putting up a fence. Oftentimes, there will be rules regulating the appearance, material and height of the fence.
  4. Go green by using landscape to create a fence
    Trees, shrubs and trailing greenery can make beautiful, functional fencing.
  5. Think about your climate
    In colder climates, fence posts will need to be buried deep and anchored to avoid splitting with freeze. In warmer, moister climates, wood fences are likely to warp and require more upkeep.
  6. Hire a professional
    Although installing a fence can be a DIY project, it is more difficult than it looks. Plus, it requires more planning, measuring and manual labor – not to mention strength – than you might think.

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