5 Ways to Ensure Your Atlanta Renovation Pays Off

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Randy Glazer

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More people are choosing to do an Atlanta renovation to their home rather than moving to upgrade their existing home. Back in 2009 CNN Money report told of the shift from “flipping” to “nesting” that was becoming mainstream in America. As we’ve watched the real estate market plummet, we’ve seen foreclosures surge, house sales roller coaster and home remodeling trends waver. Tax credits bolstered the housing market, and today, we see people staying put, more willing to shoulder the expense of home remodeling.

Before deciding stay and renovate or to go, choosing what upgrades to make to your home, and selecting an Atlanta contractor, let’s look at five things to do to ensure your upgrades pay off in the long run.

Atlanta Renovation or Move

While most homebuyers can live without the heated bathroom floors and double oven, they see leaky roofs, dated fixtures and general damage as deal breakers. Invest at least some of your remodeling budget on necessary repairs before launching into bigger projects.

Think Smaller and Smarter.

CNN Money compares the McMansion to the SUV, and in many cases, the analogy fits. Homebuyers are trying to regain confidence in the real estate market, and many are striving to select properties that are affordable, well kept and long – lasting, not flashy or extravagant. For this reason, CNN suggests remodeling, as opposed to expanding.

Go Green

Over time, eco – friendly home improvements – energy efficient windows and skylights, slow – flow bathroom and kitchen fixtures – will save the homeowner money. Green features in a home are great selling points, and they help reduce the energy costs.

Don’t Elevate the Value Too Much

If you’re planning a large overhaul, be sure to keep the value of your home near the value of homes in your neighborhood. Increasing the value of your home over 10 to 15 percent can be detrimental and discouraging to potential buyers.

Five-Year Payback is Common

Don’t plan to largely invest in home remodeling if you’re going to move in less than five years. In February 2010, Bernie Markstein, senior economist for the National Association of Home Builders, told CNN that home improvements were a bargain. Because of the lull in recent remodeling activity, some contractors were willing to do the work for less. Have the remodels done, and sit on the investment awhile before selling.

Whatever Atlanta renovation project you’re planning, whether a small fix or a large – scale remodeling, the first and the most important step, is to consult a professional, experienced Atlanta contractor to guide you through the process. To get started, contact us at 404.683.9848, email Randy@GlazerConstruction.com or complete our Fast Form below.

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