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Randy Glazer

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Home Remodeling TrendsWith a new year comes a new season for home remodeling and design. While some trends will hold true throughout 2012, we expect to see some new ones emerging.

People have become more budget-conscious and forward-thinking with their home remodels over the past few years. The goal for 2012 home remodeling: cost-controlled, utilitarian upgrades that will last into the future and add value to the home.

Luxurious Bathrooms

At one time, combined shower tubs were preferred for their economy, space-saving assets and easy-to-clean finish. Today, people are expanding bathrooms, making them focal rooms in the home. Large, built-in steam showers; deep, free-standing tubs; and radiant heating are expected to be a few of the 2012 bathroom remodeling trends.

Energy-Efficient Upgrades

Environmentally sound, green home remodeling is a trend we’ve seen grow over the past several years, and it’s not expected to wane during 2012. Upgrades including Energy Star rated appliances; double-paned windows; slow-flow faucets; and improved insulation make smart home remodeling ideas for 2012. They will not only increase the value of your home, they’ll save you money over time.

Open Floor Plans

How common are homes with formal living rooms, separate dining rooms or overly-divided living spaces? The answer is, they aren’t common anymore. Integrated family rooms that contain the kitchen, eating area and living room are more on point with 2012 home remolding trends. Renovating with open floor plans is a common way to break up older homes, as well, making them look larger and more modern.

Mud Rooms

Organization and ample storage are going to be home design trends during 2012. Mud rooms are great for this. They provide an area for the family to drop jackets, keys and shoes after a long day. Built in racks, cubbies and shelves make organization a breeze.

Outdoor Living Areas

Multipurpose living spaces, both indoors and out, are expected to be a continued trend in 2012. Screened in porches, decks and large patios help to bring the indoors and outdoors together, making the house feel more connected and open. With built-in fireplaces and/or thoughtful heating, outdoor spaces can be utilized year around.

If you’re planning a 2012 home remodel, you want to think about current trends – in addition to budget and resale value. For more renovation ideas, begin a dialogue with an experienced contractor. Contact Glazer Design and Construction at 404.683.9848, email Randy@GlazerConstruction.com or complete our Fast Form below.

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