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Atlanta Home Renovation Blog

Organic Home Improvement Ideas

organic home improvement

Creating areas in your home that reflect the tranquility and naturalness of the outdoors is a wonderful way to transform your space. Here are several organic home improvement ideas – from accessorizing to painting – and larger renovations, as well, that can help give your home an organic, earthy overhaul. Plants: One of the easiest […]

Is Wallpaper Making a Comeback

Is Wallpaper Making a Comeback

For many years, wallpaper has been considered a design faux pas. It can make a room feel cluttered and small; it’s a pain to remove; people try to paint over old wallpaper and inevitably fail. Thus, many homeowners have opted to simply paint their walls to add color and aesthetic appeal to a room. Painting […]

Atlanta Home Remodeling Cost Verses Value

atlanta home remodeling cost verses value

Each year Remodeling Magazine puts out their annual Home Remodeling Cost Verses Value report which looks at the cost of home improvement projects, the added home value, and percentage of costs recouped. Based on surveys of 35 projects they calculate which project have the highest cost recouped relative to the region and across the nation. […]

Metro Atlanta Home Remodeling


With the warmer weather just around the corner, many people are thinking of ways to enjoy their vacation. The increased cost of living has folks staying closer to home rather than planning exotic trips. Metro Atlanta home remodeling is on the rise as people decide to invest in their biggest asset and create an oasis […]